oodYummy! ^^

I really love cooking, besides art and everything else. My partner is admittedly terrible at it, so it’s left up to me every night and I’m glad as I love it a huge amount and look forward to cooking every night. We are both vegans now so although what I can cook with is fairly limited now, I feel we are both so much healthier with the huge change in our diets.

I feel this also better for animals and our environment (less methane in the atmosphere). It is different and you do get looked at like you’re an idiot when you;re eating out but it’s worth it and I don’t really care what anyone else thinks anyway. It’s up to us all to find the right diet for ourselves and what works for one person may not work for another so I’ll leave it at that for now.

I’ll be sharing lots of fab new vegan recipes on here as I find them in order to try to help to spread the word about veganism and encourage people to possibly jump on board with us! We think that will be lots of fun and plenty coolio!

To start off, I think I will share a recipe for a vegan chocolate pie as it’s truly wonderful, but I don’t yet have it down to a tee. When I do, I will indeed create a fab post on here and share it. It’s based on this recipe that I found on YT a while ago. There are some truly heavenly recipes to be found on YT and I may also start a channel dedicated to just cooking, aside from art. I think that cooking is an art form though. You’re essentially designing food and creating something different and unique from raw ingredients. Isn’t that basically what any form or art is?