New Works In The Pipeline

I’m always busy working away – for myself and for my fabulous clients. My latest project was for Demitri, who runs a drainage business here in London:

He’s originally from super sunny and cultured Athens, in Greece but came over here to find work a few years ago and his English is already nearly perfect. We’ve been friends ever since he was introduced to me by a mutual friend and I’m thrilled to have found him as he’s such a fab client. I have constructed a sculpture for his brand new, gorgeous home in Kent. We’re the same age roughly too so I can really relate to him – and the running of a business.

The sculpture is made purely from clay and is of what we imagine Zeus to have looked like. It’s coming along nicely although I estimate that it will ready in Jan, so some time away yet but so far, he is happy with the work and so am I. The measurements are approx. 4ft by 1ft so it’s fairly large and should look great in the hallway on a stand. We are thinking on whether I should also make the stand but I’m not sure. We will have to see how many projects I will have to get on with by the time I estimate I finish the work. It may not be possible but again, it’s firmly on the table as a suggestion.

I am also in talks with his friend, Pete regarding a brand new installation for his home. We are thinking about having a huge sculpture for one of his guest bedrooms in his gorgeous home in Surrey. We are not yet too sure about what exactly will be required and have not yet settled on pricing and so on, however, we will get there in the end, I’m sure of it.

Exciting times.