Adam Klein – Fine Art Obsessive

Adam Klein – Fine Art Obsessive

Let’s see where this takes us…

Hi, I’m Adam Klein and I am a huge lover of fine art. I think that it’s possible to get completely lost in beautiful works and often experience a calming effect when viewing a creation such as the above.

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When I was very young, and my parents were away on work trips abroad, I was looked after by my cousin Nadia who was an artist and art teacher in a local grammar school here in London. She was tall, beautiful, enigmatic, and she really knew her art. She painted landscapes with expensive oils and drew the most amazing portraits with a variety of simple HB pencils. She taught me virtually everything I know about fine art today and I’m so grateful for it.

I spent a lot of time at art college in museums and art galleries. I really loved just hanging around, absorbing the relaxing and cultured atmosphere, and having a coffee now and again whilst reading the newspaper in their cafes. I especially liked the British Museum and the Natural History Museum. These two places were where I spent most of my weekends during the ages of 19-20. To me, this was the most fun that I could possibly have at that time. Whilst everyone else was going out and getting incredibly drunk and ill, this is mainly how I’d be spending my days, and I have no regrets.

Today, I have my own graphic design business and I’ll share the link to my website soon (once it’s all 100% successfully revamped as it’s going through some renovation at the moment). I really enjoy what I do for a living and it took me a while to really make a success of it, but here I am and I can’t really fully articulate how much it means to me, how grateful I am, and how privileged I feel to be doing what I do.