New Works In The Pipeline

I’m always busy working away – for myself and for my fabulous clients. My latest project was for Demitri, who runs a drainage business here in London:

He’s originally from super sunny and cultured Athens, in Greece but came over here to find work a few years ago and his English is already nearly perfect. We’ve been friends ever since he was introduced to me by a mutual friend and I’m thrilled to have found him as he’s such a fab client. I have constructed a sculpture for his brand new, gorgeous home in Kent. We’re the same age roughly too so I can really relate to him – and the running of a business.

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Adam Klein – Fine Art Obsessive

Let’s see where this takes us…

Hi, I’m Adam Klein and I am a huge lover of fine art. I think that it’s possible to get completely lost in beautiful works and often experience a calming effect when viewing a creation such as the above.

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