I’m becoming one myself…! 

Oh dear…

Jokes apart – I love antiques and shopping for them. I love selling them on for profit too or enjoying them in my own home – on the wall or on the floor (rugs), or in glass cabinets. They’re just very nice things to own, especially the lovely little ceramic ornaments and so on. Delightful to look at whilst watching the TV or drinking tea. They act as great conversations pieces too sometimes.

I can frequently be found hanging around the rather famous or at least relatively well-known Camden Passage in Angel, Islington, N1. They have the most amazing unique little pieces and I love spending weekends hunting for lovely little objects of desire to have in my home and showcase and just enjoy or sell on for a significant profit. My uncle used to make a fine living from buying and selling valuable antiques and had a great eye for fab pieces that made him rather wealthy indeed.

I hope that when I’m older, I’ll be able to do the same thing for a living as it’s lots of fun and you can really make a lot of money if you know what sort of items to look out for – and if you can spot the horrible fakes! There are so many of them out there too. Terrible for the market and so much worse for the people who invest in them thinking that they are real and actually worth something. Sad.

I particularly love collecting cigar boxes, cases, and vases of all kinds. Globes are great too – all shapes, sizes, colours, styles etc. The older, the better. I also like them a bit knackered – I’m a little odd like that. I’d happily consider buying anyone’s old antique globe if you are reading this site and have a fine one to sell. Email me!